Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JXTable Striping with Substance 5.2

Here is how I got table striping to work on JXTable with Substance 5.2.

public class DefaultTableFactory implements TableFactory {

public JTable createTable() {
JXTable result = new JXTable();
return configureTable(result);

public JTable createTable(TableModel model) {
JXTable result = new JXTable(model);
return configureTable(result);

private JXTable configureTable(JXTable result) {
result.setHighlighters(createHighlighter(result), new ColorHighlighter(
HighlightPredicate.ROLLOVER_ROW, null, Color.BLUE));
return result;

public CompoundHighlighter createHighlighter(JXTable t) {
ColorHighlighter first = new SubstanceHighLighter(HighlightPredicate.EVEN, t);
ColorHighlighter hl = new SubstanceHighLighter(HighlightPredicate.ODD,t);
return new CompoundHighlighter(first, hl);

// get striping on jxtable to work with substance
public class SubstanceHighLighter extends ColorHighlighter {

private JXTable comp;

SubstanceHighLighter(HighlightPredicate pred, JXTable t) {
comp = t;

public Color getBackground() {
return SubstanceColorUtilities.getStripedBackground(comp,
getHighlightPredicate() == HighlightPredicate.EVEN ? 1 : 0);


There is still a problem with some of the cell renders installed by JXTable...


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