Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Google Earth 3D Vessel Models With Swing & Jetty

Using a Swing GUI with an embedded instance of Jetty a real time stream of vessel position information (AIS data) is converted into KML.This converts Google Earth into a low cost (free) AIS Display system. Vessels can be displayed as 3D models that are scaled according to AIS information

You can give it a spin (Google Earth needs to be installed) by pushing the launch button below.


Ian Mayo said...

Morning Carsten, can you confirm the feed is currently working?

I'm getting:

11/09/2009 08:49:15 [0x0-0x1be1be] Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL:

But I don't know if the problem's at my end or yours (osx, GE 5.1.35)


Carsten said...

The feed was down at our end - sorry. Should be fixed.

Ian Mayo said...

Thanks Carsten, the feed is now working fine - and is a valid demonstration of a mash-up of the two technologies.

Well done,

Anonymous said...

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You have hit the mark. Thought excellent, I support.

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